"Old-fashioned doesn't necessarily mean outdated, as Brad Fielder continues to prove on his new full-length album, Welcome to New Hoyle. Sure, there are hokey tunes in the bunch that seem like silly nostalgia at first blush, but many of them have strong notes of relevance behind their yokel veneer."

Soundcheck: Brad Fielder - Welcome to New Hoyle

Evan Jarvicks, Oklahoma Gazette

"The pervasive, aromatic singalong chugging vibe of the album is infectious; it's honest ol' good-time backporch fun, with deliciously oddball lyrics and a quirky instrumental complement to back Brad."

Brad Fielder - Welcome to New Hoyle

Joe Whittaker, Folk London

"New Hoyle is the mythical backdrop for a cavalcade of zany all-American characters, adventures and corn pone wisdom."
"Self-deprecation, satire, parody and pastiche permeate Welcome to New Hoyle’s dozen tracks..."

Welcome to New Hoyle
Doug Deloach, Songlines

"Essentially, wherever Fielder resides now is “New Hoyle.” His remarkable collection of songs channels the past through a 21st century lenses."
"The record has that rare quality of sounding polished, yet spontaneous. Cheerful fun is in a sound caught on the fly."

Americana music freshly reimagined: Brad Fielder releases 'Welcome to new Hoyle'

Doug Hill, Norman Transcript

"Fielder’s playing is musical and nuanced, with gorgeous tone and subtle timing and sonority you have to hear in person to appreciate."

Woodyfest 2018: Brad Fielder & RT Valine
Chris J. Zähller, Mercury Photo Bureau


"Brad Fielder has been crusading against the grain of modern music trends for quite a while now. His signature brand of lo-fi, blue-collar folk is so rooted in its own early roots that it’s old-fashioned even for the old-fashioned."

Top 20 EPs of 2018: 20-11 (Jarvix's Big 50)

Evan Jarvicks, Make Oklahoma Weirder

"From its very inception, folk music like the kind Brad plays has been a way for common people to express their dissatisfaction with their leaders...and to unite each other in that dissatisfaction. With 'Vernacular Songs', Brad welds himself in as a link in that honorable chain."

brad fielder - vernacular songs

J Moss, The Modern Folk Music of America

"Brad Fielder is a from-the-ground-up sort of artist. From writing and recording his songs to packaging and distributing physical albums under his own imprint..."

Oklahoma Band Q&A: Brad Fielder

Becky Carman, NewsOK.com

"From songwriting, to photography, to producing videos, Brad pours his proud Okie heritage into everything he does."

Getting To Know Brad Fielder

Jessica McKim, NakedCityOKC

"The idea or story always comes first. Telling a coherent and cohesive story is most important..."

Uncovering Oklahoma

Dennis Spielman